Wat Phnom Penh

Quiet space in a noisy city: along the Tonglé Sap river.

Royal-Palace Phnom Penh

Log-book Cambodia – Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a sprawling town, noisy, crowdy and disorganized. Just a few traffic lights for crossing big avenues, but not to regulate the traffic: easy to cut on left ; easy to drive in the wrong way. The others take careful. Other crossroads, to pass, you have to be strong, the first-one or reckless.

A nightmare for a bicycle traveler!

Not better for pedestrians: sidewalk become parking for cars, shop displays or restaurant rooms. Walk on the street, keeping eyes on Tuk-Tuk who care on pedestrians only if they are customers to fuck them with prices. Double, triple price! Definitively, that country have no respect for tourists and don’t understand this can help their economy, one of the poorest in the World.

So, stay the shortest time as possible, make papers and visit the Royal Palace, even that, disappointing.